The rotator-manipulator PM-RM-100 is intended for rotation of parts relative to PTA torch during surfacing of face, cylindrical and conical surfaces

For surfacing of cylindrical and conical surfaces in the rotator the mechanism for inclination of face-plate is provided, which can be set in motion or in manual (fig. 1) or by means of the electric motor (fig. 2).

Technical data

Mains voltage and frequency1x230 V, 50/60 Hz
Diameter of faceplate, mm450
Diameter of chuck, mm *, мм (*supplied upon request)250
Faceplate rotary speed, rpm0,01–1,00
Angle of inclination, deg0-90
Weight-carrying capacity, kg100
Total weight80

Фото обертача з електродвигуном для нахилу

Real appearance of the product and its technical data can differ due to constant improvement.

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