The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd.

The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has industrial scientific profile. The Company unites scientists and engineers from the Paton Electric Welding Institute with a rich experience of scientific investigation and industrial developments.

Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. is constantly evolving. Today the company’s staff is more than 40 people.

Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. has some production areas equipped with a modern surfacing, welding and machine tool equipment. This makes it to be able to solve and perform different technical tasks in a short time.

The main areas of activity are:
  • development and introduction of new technological processes of applying a protective coating;
  • development and manufacture of plasma transferred arc (PTA) equipment;
  • development and manufacture of plasma transferred arc (PTA) torches;
  • perform different surfacing and welding works on orders of industrial enterprises and individuals;
  • manufacture of exclusive metalware: commercial equipment and other products of nonferrous and ferrous metals on individual orders;
  • provision of services for development of technology and selection of materials for welding production.

Plasma-Master Co., Ltd cooperates with research institutes of Ukraine, first of all with the Paton welding institute, and has a broad range of foreign contacts.

Attention to the customer and taking into account all the newest developments of welding science and engineering in our activity allows us to look in the future bravely


Plasma transferred arc surfacing (PTA-surfacing)

Being a modern advanced technology, the plasma transferred arc (PTA) surfacing is used wide to coat function areas of high responsibility details with special materials, which are resistant against intensive wear, corrosion, thermal and percussive loading.

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