In this section there is scientific information (publications, articles, reviews, information of general education) in the welding, surfacing, plasma technologies etc.

Centrifugal plasma surfacing of drill pump bushings

Features of centrifugal plasma surfacing using powders of three different alloying systems based on iron and nickel were studied. It is found that at centrifugal plasma surfacing the iron-based test powder has the best welding-technological properties. It allows producing deposited metal of 200Kh15D2MS2R type.

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PTA-surfacing of composite materials

Present paper is devoted to research of a wear resistance of surfaced metal, a dependence on quantity and forms of reinforcing particles of FTC, a way of their input in a welding pool, and also a type of matrix

Plasma centrifugal surfacing

The plasma centrifugal surfacing (PCS) is a very new and promising technology. This technology is developed recently and, in fact, is unknown on the Western market yet. Indeed, we already use the PCS in industry to protect the inner faces of liner-type details with high grade layers against wear, corrosion and friction.

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Laser+plasma: search for new possibilities in surfacing

Our work was aimed at the conductance of theoretical and experimental investigations of effect of a laser beam on the process of a plasma-powder cladding (PPC) and revealing of new technological capabilities of a combined method, i.e. laser-plasma powder cladding (LPPC).

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Plasma transferred arc surfacing (PTA-surfacing)

Being a modern advanced technology, the plasma transferred arc (PTA) surfacing is used wide to coat function areas of high responsibility details with special materials, which are resistant against intensive wear, corrosion, thermal and percussive loading.

New plasma torches for PTA-surfacing

The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. develops the collection of plasma torches for the various purposes. That allows to fill specified lack very largely. At that the world experience and results of own researches of the author are used widely.

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