Today, the chemical industry is one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors of the economy. Consumers of the chemical industry are practically in all spheres of the national economy. Thanks to her, people have the opportunity use various plastic products, fertilizers for agriculture, household chemicals, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.
Along with the manufacture of new plastic products, there is a global environmental problem, such as pollution of the environment and the oceans with waste.
To combat this, sorting and subsequent processing of plastic and plastic waste for recycling and further manufacturing of new products are used.

Production and restoration of various parts for the chemical and processing industry are some of the main activities of Plasma-Master company.

Typical applications:

  • Extruder and injection molding machine parts (screws, barrels)
  • Crusher parts (crusher knives, granulator knives)

Crusher knife
Extruder screw
Crusher knife