PM-300 is a surfacing module of the PTA systems manufactured by Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. PTA systems based on PM-300 are used for surfacing flat, face, cylindrical, conical and other surfaces of the parts.

Pure argon (99.995% Ar) is used as a working gas.

Complete set:

• surfacing unit with the PP-6-03 PTA torch
• control box
• operator panel with 7" touch-screen (HMI) panel
• water chiller
• inverter power source

Пульт керування
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Блок управління зі зварювальним джерелом живлення
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Блок охолодження PM-WC-3000
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Technical data

Mains voltage and frequency3x400 V, 50/60 Hz
Transferred arc current, A30-300
Working gasAr
Total gas flow rate< 20
Hopper capacity3,5 (15)
Surfacing productivity, kg/h≤8,0
Surfacing unit, mm750х750х1400
Total weight300


• Control system is based on programmable logic controller (PLC)
• Surfacing unit is mounted on a carriage of a turning lathe or any stand
• PTA system can be completed by different PTA torches for solving the required technical task
• PTA system can be completed by a rotator


Real appearance of the product and its technical data can differ due to constant improvement

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