Plasma-Master Ltd company. Ukrainian plasmatrons are not inferior to the best European counterparts

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Ukrainian plasmatrons are not inferior to the best European counterparts

Plasma-Master Ltd specializes in performing complex science-intensive works in the field of welding. In particular, it develops and implements new technologies for applying protective coatings and manufactures equipment for plasma-powder surfacing.

Ukrainian plasmatrons are not inferior to the best European counterparts

At the international exhibition in Dusseldorf (Germany), the company demonstrated its most popular models of plasma torches and samples of deposited parts, illustrating the capabilities of the equipment it produces. Plasma-Master Ltd took part in this exhibition for the first time; it presented its products at a joint stand together with other Ukrainian industrial companies. This exposition aroused great interest among foreign specialists, especially plasmatrons for surfacing internal surfaces. The stand was attended by representatives of several German, Italian, American and Australian companies. Negotiations were held to conclude contracts for the supply of equipment to India, Turkey and Australia.

In addition to Plasma-Master Ltd, three more companies operating in the field of plasma-powder surfacing presented their products at the exhibition. These are Deloro Wear Solutions (Germany), Interweld (Austria) and Commersald (Italy). They demonstrated their automated cladding units and plasma torches.

If we compare the level of equipment of these world-renowned companies and the products of Plasma-Master Ltd, it should be noted with pleasure that in terms of its functionality, Ukrainian equipment is not inferior to Western European counterparts and even surpasses them in some parameters, that is, it is quite competitive. And the increased interest in it on the part of representatives of many foreign firms is not accidental. This fact inspires the team of the company for further fruitful work and promotion of their products to the international market.

In general, the exhibition for "Plasma-Master Ltd" was successful: its plasmatrons looked very worthy against the background of the products of recognized leaders in the field of production of similar equipment; many new contacts have been established, thanks to which new orders will appear.

Plasma-Master Ltd products are in demand in Ukraine and on the international market

It should be noted that Plasma-Master Ltd is not a newcomer to the international market. Its products are already operating in 30 countries around the world, including such industrialized ones as Germany, Great Britain, USA, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada. The wide geography of the company`s clients confirms the high quality of its products.

The company was founded in 1992, it is constantly developing, improving its products. Now the main activities of the company are: development and manufacture of equipment for manual and automatic plasma-powder surfacing of flat, end, cylindrical, conical and other curved surfaces of various parts in order to protect them from wear, corrosion or impart special properties to them; development and manufacture of plasma torches for surfacing; development and implementation of new technological processes for applying protective coatings; provision of services for the development of technology and the selection of materials for welding production.

Plasma-Master Ltd has already developed more than 20 models of plasma torches, among which there is equipment for surfacing both external and internal surfaces, as well as for surfacing parts in hard-to-reach places. These products of the company are developed on the basis of deep experimental studies of the energy characteristics of the plasma arc, the process of heating and melting of the powder in the plasma arc and the weld pool, as well as the thermophysical characteristics of the base metal. All plasmatrons manufactured by Plasma-Master Ltd are fully compatible with the equipment of the world`s leading manufacturers in the field of plasma surfacing: Kennametal Stellite, Eutectic + Castolin, ARC Specialties, Interweld, Commersald, Isotec. They have an internal feed of the filler powder, which ensures high efficiency of its heating and melting in the arc and, therefore, LLC "Plasma-Master Ltd" cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign research institutes, first of all with the I.E. E.O. Paton. The use of the latest scientific achievements enables the company to produce modern competitive equipment.